I started my business as a passion project on the side, while I was teaching. It grew and evolved into the Peaches and Poppies Floral you see today!

How it all started 

my floral story

My husband Derek has been incredibly supportive of my passion project when I started my flower farm in 2017.

As business grew, we both agreed that I should take a step back from teaching so I could focus on our kids (Cali, Jace and Sierra) and continue to expand Peaches and Poppies. Plus, the young ones love spending time alongside me in the flower gardens.

I have formal training from Floret Floral School and Bellevue Floral Co. In addition to centerpieces and bouquets, I specialize in creating unique floral instillations. My favorite part of owning Peaches and Poppies is working with my clients. Often times think my super power is mind reading because I can bring their vision to life and surpass their expectations 

When I'm not working I'm likely still outside. My family and I love to hike, bike, run marathons, camp and ski. We also frequent the local beaches to relax and surf.  At home I can be found making dessert loaded with peanut butter while singing to Chris Stapleton.  My love of all things California extends to the 49ers too!

I named by business after by right hand girl.
My golden retriever, Peaches!

And Poppies have always been my favorite flower.

Together, they made up the perfect name for my California Flower business! Thus, Peaches and Poppies Floral came into fruition.

The Story behind
Peaches and Poppies

why i chose my business name