As the weather warms in Napa and the dark days of winter fade away spring brings with it a fresh new look and feel to wedding celebrations. For this vibrant spring wedding, we wanted to create a floral design that captured the essence of the season, while also incorporating elements of a backyard garden party. […]

Bright Bouquet

Vibrant Spring Wedding with Backyard Charm: A Fresh Floral Look at Long Meadow Ranch Farmstead

As the leaves turn golden, crimson, and amber, the season of fall brings with it a unique and breathtaking beauty that can be perfectly captured in a wedding celebration in Sonoma County. The vibrant hues of fall foliage offer a stunning backdrop for a picturesque and memorable wedding, immortalizing the special moment for years to […]

bright cake decor

Celebrating the Beauty of Fall with Elegant Fall Foliage in Your Wedding at Stemple Creek

As the summer sun shines bright, there’s no better time to celebrate the union of two lovebirds in a garden wedding in Napa. With its lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and serene ambiance, a garden wedding offers a picturesque backdrop for a memorable and intimate celebration. To enhance the natural beauty of the garden, incorporating florals […]

Whimsical Centerpiece

A Summer Garden Inspired Wedding: Bringing the Abundance of the Summer into your Wedding with Unique Garden Florals at Tre Posti